New tractors offer power, agility and intelligence on display at Agritechnica


John Deere is showing its latest generation 7R Series tractors and the new 8R Series wheeled tractors at Agritechnica.

The latest generation 7R Series tractors include a new flagship model, the 7R 330, which delivers a maximum power rating of 363hp or 373hp with Intelligent Power Management.

The five-model range available in the UK & Ireland features a brand new cab with a wealth of eye-catching and luxury features, first and foremost of these being the CommandPRO operating concept.

Farmers and particularly contractors looking to maintain low operating costs will benefit from these new tractors’ proven fuel efficiency. The John Deere 7R Series tractor has already established its economic efficiency in DLG tests and with many participants in the company’s ongoing fuel guarantee programme. Extending this concept to the new top of the range 7R 330 means the advantageous power to weight ratio of only 30kg/hp can have a further positive impact on performance, acceleration and fuel consumption.

The tractors are available with a choice of continuously variable AutoPowr or powershiftable e23 transmissions and are universally suitable for a range of transport applications or pto operations such as slurry spreading, drilling, baling or mowing. Using the EZ Ballast option, the tractor can also be perfectly ballasted from the cab within seconds for heavier cultivation work.

Contractors in particular will benefit from the new CommandPRO joystick, which is now optionally available on all 7R Series tractors with the AutoPowr transmission. This operating concept was first introduced on 6R Series tractors and has quickly proved itself in practice thanks to its excellent ergonomics and easy configurability.

John Deere says it is the first farm equipment manufacturer to produce a range of standard tractors offering three different drive concepts, with the launch of the new 8R Series wheeled tractors, 8RT models with two tracks and brand new 8RX versions with four tracks.

The 13-model range available in the UK & Ireland features a new cab offering luxury car style comfort and the CommandPRO joystick option. The tractor’s distinctive appearance has been designed in cooperation with experts from the BMW Designworks studio in California.

The industry exclusive 8RX Series has been developed with the aim of maximising soil protection without compromising performance. It therefore provides by far the lowest contact surface compression in this class, along with a transport width of less than 3m and 40kph unrestricted road speed. The tractor is extremely manoeuvrable while also minimising any noticeable soil scuffing effect when turning.

Compared to common industry two-track designs, the 8RX is significantly more stable on hillsides and performs well in more challenging soil conditions due to its superior self-cleaning ability. The tracks are available in widths from 16 to 30in (41 to 76cm), providing a total ground contact area of over 4.5m2.

These latest 8R Series tractors retain John Deere’s existing, well proven and economical 9-litre PowerTech PVS & PSS engines, with an increase of 40hp on the 8RT 410. New features include a Visco radiator fan and relocation of the engine auxiliary systems to the front. Due to the new design and less heat exposure, it has been possible to further reduce the costs of wear and maintenance.

AutoSetup will be available shortly after the first of these new 8R Series tractors arrive in Europe, in 2020.

The tractors can also be remotely monitored by the JDLink telematics system at the customer’s request, to ensure maximum uptime. With customer consent additionally provided for Expert Alerts, potential machine damage can be predicted and the likelihood of expensive repairs can be reduced or completely avoided.


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