Trelleborg concludes 2015 European Road Show in the UK


Following one-day events in Italy, Sweden, Austria, Poland, France and Spain, Trelleborg concluded its 2015 European Road Show for agricultural tyres at Honingham Thorpe Farm in Colton, Norfolk in the UK on October 7th.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director, Agricultural and Forestry Tyres at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “With over 7,500 farming professionals attending the seven stops to date, each of which was organised in collaboration with leading partners in the agricultural industry, the 2015 European Road Show has proved an overwhelming success.

“The Road Show’s field demonstrations provided the ideal platform for us to showcase how farming professionals can produce more, with less, with Trelleborg; from showcasing how ProgressiveTraction™ technology can enhance productivity and efficiency of their operations.

“With that in mind, I am delighted to reveal that preparation is already under way for the 2016 European Road Show which will include even more stops, in European countries we are yet to visit. We will also take the Road Show to Asia, Africa and North America in 2016, to help farming professionals across continents get the most out of their equipment and protect the future of their business.

Trelleborg’s field demonstration format saw two tractors compete over a 200 metre track simultaneously. Each tractor with a range of identical tools configured to work at precisely the same depth, was fitted with tall, see-through cylinders, showcasing each vehicle’s fuel consumption throughout the race. Trelleborg’s Tire efficiency app was used to measure the benefits of the performance of the competing tractors in terms of cost savings and reduced working time over one year of operation.

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