Azurit single seed drill adopts DeltaRow technology


Lemken has opted to use DeltaRow technology on its Azurit single seed drill, which provides each plant with 70% more surface area for growth than conventional placement in single rows. It also ensures plants have better access to light and are better supplied with water and nutrients. As a result, higher yields can be generated from marginal locations. Improved soil cover also protects against erosion.

DeltaRow technology involves a singling unit depositing seeds in an extended furrow comprising twin rows spaced 12.5 cm apart. Seed singling is performed by two synchronised perforated discs offset against each other by half a grain spacing. As each of the perforated discs only singles every other seed, their diameter can be kept narrow and their circumferential speed be minimised. A fertiliser band is placed centrally underneath the DeltaRow. Placement in a triangular seeding pattern ensures that seeds are positioned optimally in relation to fertilizer.

DeltaRow crops can be harvested with current silage and grain maize harvesters. Trials conducted over several years have confirmed that this technology allows higher yields to be achieved. Lemken will launch its DeltaRow seeding technology with its new Azurit single-seed drill at Agritechnica in November.


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