Limagrain UK sponsors the Plant Breeding Hub at Croptec

  • Join Limagrain UK at the Croptec Show in Peterborough on 24 & 25 November. As sponsors of the Plant Breeding Hub, Limagrain UK will host a range of talks covering the latest innovations in plant breeding and how they are being applied on-farm

Wednesday 24th November

•          10.20-10.55am Limagrain UK’s Pulse Breeder, Will Pillinger will cover the latest developments in pulse breeding and explain how increasing pulse crop yields can potentially improve output and reduce risk on-farm. 

•          12.00-12.25pm Dr Emma Wallington of NIAB will discuss gene editing and how this could be adopted in the UK. 

•          1.20-1.55pm Liam Wilkinson, Arable Technical Specialist at Limagrain UK will share his views on trait focussed oilseed breeding and how this forms the basis of an IPM strategy.

Thurs 25th November 

•          10.20-10.55am Farmacy Agronomist, Charles Wright will share his first-hand experience of the impact of varietal resistance on agronomic decision-making in a farm environment. 

•          12.00-12.25pm East Yorkshire grower, Jonny Hodgson will talk about the importance of plant breeding in a regenerative agricultural system, from a farmer’s perspective.

•          1.20-1.55pm Limagrain UK’s Cereals Pathologist, Rachel Goddard will share her views on breeding diverse disease resistance in wheat, and discuss what wheat breeders can do to stay one step ahead of pathogen evolution.

Throughout the 2 days of Croptec, Limagrain UK’s technical experts will showcase the latest innovations in UK plant breeding, and be on hand to answer any questions. 

We would love to hear from growers about how they are facing the industry challenges from climate change to price pressures. 

It’s been two long years since the last in person Croptec event, and if the free resources are not enough to tempt you, we have tea and coffee on the LG stand, PLUS a scratch card giveaway with a host of great prizes. 

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