Innovation for the Fendt Rogator 600

  • For the 2023 season the boom height control, will be further optimised and new nozzle bodies and continuous tank cleaning added to the Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled field sprayer 

The Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled field sprayer is used primarily on large European farms for crop protection and fertiliser application. 

For even greater stability of the boom height guide, the mount has been revised and the position of the sensor has been adjusted. The new position better protects the sensor from dirt. Boom height control is now based on position data from up to six different sensors. This improves automatic adjustment to crop height, especially in row crops or uneven crops. 

All Fendt Rogator models get new nozzle bodies as standard. The valves are controlled electro-pneumatically and thus have a lower power requirement. The new control increases the longevity of the valves, while the well thought-out design makes cleaning easier.  

At the same time, Fendt also offers new options for the nozzles. The new nozzles from the manufacturer Lechler meet all requirements for drift reduction and are compatible with the Fendt OptiNozzle automatic nozzle control.  

For model year 2023, Fendt has revised the entire fluid circuit. This allows a significantly faster intake. In addition, accessibility for maintenance has been noticeably improved and the adjusted position of the filling connection makes the filling process even easier. The integration of an additional pump for clear water enables continuous internal cleaning of the application tank. Drivers can set a specific threshold for cleaning to start. If the amount of liquid is below this value, water is pumped into the non-applicant lines and pipes. This process displaces application residues from the pipes into the tank without diluting the mixture. A second threshold value then triggers the complete tank interior cleaning process. The continuous tank cleaning Fendt ContiRinse can take place during application and significantly reduces downtimes.   

In addition, there is a new cleaning kit at the rear. This increases the working comfort, especially with a working width of 39 m. 

An active refrigerator, the gooseneck microphone and a new position of the mirrors increase working comfort in the Fendt Vision Cab. The new cooler can cool drinks and food to 0° Celsius even in hot outdoor temperatures. The gooseneck microphone guarantees best sound quality due to the flexible gooseneck and the central position in the cab. Interference noises are suppressed. The new position of the exterior mirrors ensures a good view even on uneven surfaces or at higher speeds. 

A new key for opening and closing the filters further increases working comfort. The position on the wall behind the induction hopper allows easy access. The key is part of the standard equipment.  

The warning signs have been revised and repositioned so that the outer width of the machine can be reduced even with wide booms.   

The Fendt Rogator 600 models are available to order from July 2022. Delivery will start for the 2023 season. 


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