Smart Tech stopping pest birds

  • Installed in almost every country on the globe, the use of smart bird control technology is a welcome solution saving businesses hundreds of thousands every year

Protection against losses in crop yield, animal feed consumption, transmissible diseases, damage to buildings, solar panel fouling, crop damage and more. 

PestFix (Stand 7 122) bring the Avix Autonomic Bird Dispersal Laser and the Bird Alert Smart Audio Scarer to Lamma and you can see what the hype is all about! 

The Avix Autonomic is a specialist Class 3B Laser that projects over kilometres of land in patterns specifically programmed for your site to ensure the maximum reduction in pest birds. Birds do not habituate to this specialist laser so results are long lasting and once installed there is only small maintenance required.

The Bird Alert smart audio bird scarer is a revolutionary way to tackle pest birds. It listens, identifies the species of bird in the area and then selects the correct distress calls to engage the bird’s flight response. Even further it will move to a different ‘accent’ of call if the first ones don’t work. All of this means that birds do not get used to the scarer, and you don’t have to have a device that repeats bird calls over and over unnecessarily.

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