Cura ST – precise harrow technology made by HORSCH

  • The new working widths of the Cura 6 ST and Cura 9 ST are divided into 3 sections, and it is possible to fold only one side
  • The transport height, however, still is under 4 m
  • Thus, the Cura line with 3-point linkage now covers the working widths 6, 9, 12, 13,5 and 15 m as well as 24 m in the trailed sector

 The Cura ST excels due to the high hectare output and the distinct stability as well as the solid and torsion-resistant design. This is mainly due to the closed frame construction made of square bar tubes. The maximum frame height of 450 mm allows for harrowing even in high crops. The Cura ST is one of the core machines for hybrid farming as well as for the organic sector

The tines are attached and spring-loaded individually. Due to the wide bearings, they are

very stable. The working angle can be adjusted via the height adjustable support wheels.

The Cura 12 to 15 ST is carried by up to eleven support wheels. The rear support wheels

can be equipped with a following harrow as an option. The tines are cranked so that the

force enters in the middle. Thus, the tine consequently keeps its track.

Moreover, there are harrow tines, also available with a carbide coating as an option, which

are used as mulch seed tines with a larger tine angle for many harvest residues or extremely

light soils. As an option the tine pressure can be adjusted hydraulically in a continuously

variable way. A hydraulic tine adjustment is standard. The Cura ST is also available with an

electromagnetic valve to save one hydraulic control device. For the trailed version Cura 24

ST, the tine pressure and the position of the support wheel can be adjusted via ISOBUS in

a continuously variable way.

The springs are attached above the frame and allow for a gentle harrowing of high

populations with more clearance. The double spring – with one fine spring inside and a more rough one on the outside – guarantees a large working range with the tine pressure ranging from approx. 500 g to approx. 5000 g.

The headland position is standard for the Cura 9 to 15 ST and has several advantages. The

customer can turn comfortably with slightly bent side wings without damaging the plant. In

the field, the bent side wings are used in floating position. This results in an excellent soil

adaption of every single part of the frame.

With the Cura ST HORSCH offers the farmer a highly precise and durable machine for

different conditions and simple handling


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