Adjustable position wing share for cultivators

  • The new wing share for the Amazone Cenius and Cenio mounted cultivators has a width of 360 mm and can be mounted in three mounting positions to cater for a variety of operating conditions
  • This means that the cultivators can be used more universally on farms with variable soil conditions

The wing share can be mounted on the tine at various heights and angles depending on the application and soil condition. For the shallow cutting of cereal stubble, the wing share is mounted in the lowest of the holes in the leg. In this case, the wing share is almost parallel to the soil, which allows shallow working from 5 cm to 15 cm.

If the soil is very hard due to extremely dry conditions, penetration may be problematic due to the lower mounting position of the wing share and therefore more prone to riding out. For this reason, the second mounting point enables the wing shares to be bolted on slightly higher than in the first position. As a result, the point works deeper than the wing share and thus generates a greater undercut with an easier pull-in. 

The third mounting point, in which the wings are set at a steeper angle of attack compared to the second position, provides more intensive incorporation and mixing of the soil. This angle of attack causes the organic matter to be mixed even more intensively into the soil by the cultivator, further promoting the decomposition process.

The wing share also enables full-surface and shallow cutting of stubble with a mulch cultivator, thereby breaking the capillarity of the soil. This reduces the drying of the soil in the summer. Furthermore, volunteer grains and weed seeds have perfect germination conditions as a result of the shallow cultivation.

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